A Fall Reset for Families

A Fall Reset for Families


By this time of year, most of our new year's resolutions have been long forgotten, yet the new year is still months away. Autumn is the ideal time to think about your goals and mindset and a fresh start!

Having a fall reset and a new beginning is refreshing.

With the kids in some form of school, the seasons changing and the energy of summer drawing to a close, fall is a time of turning inward. Cooler days and nights set in and the focus shifts from summer gatherings and cookouts to a new routine.

Fall is an opportune time to set some refreshed intentions to take you into your new routine and the holiday season (which will be here before we know it!).

Ways to re-set this fall:

1. A renewed meal-plan

Cookouts and gatherings abound in the summer which can lead to eating on-the-go and indulging. Make a list of healthy breakfast ideas to ensure you and your kids start the day on a positive note. Set your subscribe & save to ensure you don’t run out of KidsLuv for your kiddos daily vitamin intake. 

Plan dinners in advance so you’re not scrambling at 5 p.m. trying to come up with something to make or ordering take-out.

2. Clean out and organize clothing for the changing weather

As the weather changes, it’s helpful to go through all your kids' clothes and remove what no longer fits and what is not seasonally appropriate which helps keep things organized and their drawers and closets manageable.

Spend time sorting what to donate or give away and what to sell secondhand. Voila! Just like that, it's out of your house and into new homes! Now when you go in their drawers, you’re not overwhelmed by things that no longer fit or aren't right for the changing weather.

3. An entire house deep clean

Similar to spring cleaning a good fall deep clean including fans, under the stove, baseboards, blinds, light fixtures — things that usually go unnoticed for a few weeks or months is a good way to re-set in the fall.

Revisit your goals and personal intentions

Have you set your intentions for this fall season? What are you looking forward to in the coming months?