A Note From Ashi, Founder & CEO of KidsLuv

A Note From Ashi, Founder & CEO of KidsLuv


Hi! I am Ashi Jelinek, the founder, and creator of KidsLuv. I am so excited you are here. Creating KidsLuv has been a lifelong journey and I couldn’t be happier to finally share it with you all. Over the coming weeks and months, our goal is to be a helpful friend and resource for you and your family. From helpful recipes to tips from our family to yours, we’re here to share the luv.

Healthy Beginnings

As a child, I grew up with a mother who was hyper-vigilant around all things health and holistic.  I grew up vegetarian and was always given a variety of different herbs to boost my immune system when I was sick or just to keep my body in balance.

Whether that be food, beverages or medicine, my mother was always making me aware of how these things affected my body and my overall well being.

Growing up it was very clear to me that I came from a non-traditional background.  And while most of my friends got to partake in eating the occasional junk food. I was being given cashews and raisins for my snacks. I remember going to the movies as a child with my friends and when my mom took us it was all healthy snacks from home. At the time I was mortified to be the one with the alternative lifestyle. But as I got older I realized how this type of awareness and mothering actually planted the seeds for how I looked at nutrition myself and would eventually raise my own children.

I fully embraced the way I was raised and integrated my own set of nutritional values to that base philosophy I learned about food and wellness.

Becoming A Mom

My mother’s influence and health conscious teachings really didn’t come full circle for me until I had children of my own. Giving birth to my son Phoenix and becoming a mother was more challenging than I ever expected.

I was dumbfounded, to say the least, and felt extremely overwhelmed with the task of being a mother and how all-consuming it was. Everything from breastfeeding to getting him to nap was a new learning experience and I was in awe of how mothers out there all do this.

Luckily, as any mother will tell you, as he got older, things seemed to get easier or maybe it was that I was finally getting the hang of being a mom. But the one thing that always plagued me was making sure my son was healthy, hydrated and well fed. I found myself constantly searching for new ways to achieve this which was a challenge in itself.  

A Gap in the Market

In my quest to impart the healthy practices of my own childhood in my son’s life, I regularly searched for options to keep Phoenix hydrated. However, water was not his first choice of beverage and was often met with refusal and protest. And it turned out, Phoenix wasn’t the only one. At little league games, birthday parties or playdates in a park, time and again I would watch as parents watered down their kids’ favorite sugary drinks as a means to get them to drink and hydrate.

This got me thinking… there had to be a better way to hydrate our kids without all the sugar!

At the same time, in the course of a routine visit to the dentist, I was shocked to discover my son had teeth ridden with cavities despite his seemingly healthy diet. In investigating this conundrum further, I learned that the daily pediatric vitamin supplements I was giving my son were the culprits. These commonly marketed supplements that come in hard form or gummies, are sugar filled, stick to the enamel of the teeth, and can cause cavities.

With a greater appreciation of the dangers of sugar, and how they directly impacted my families life, I needed new and better options for keeping my family hydrated and getting essential vitamins and minerals into their diets daily. It was within these challenges of parenting that the opportunity struck! If I wasn’t happy with what was on the market, then why not make my own.

A Brand Is Born

What started as a project in my spare time quickly showed to be an opportunity to not only support my family but other families alike. What if I could offer a hydrating drink that had all these nutritional benefits of your regular multivitamin in an easy, grab-and-go recyclable juice box, without all the sugar?

It took some time (1 year to be exact) to come up with a formulation that not only had all the nutritional benefits but also tasted great! I wanted to make sure that my ingredients came from the best sources and guarantee that I could certify the product to be non-GMO, vegan, kosher and gluten-free.

KidsLuv has been a labor of love for me from conception to finally launching at the end of this summer.

My hope is that I can offer a unique, healthy alternative to water and other juices out on the market today and also foster a community through the product that brings all different types of families together.  I wanted to create a brand and product that families like my own could trust.

Welcome to the world of KidsLuv!

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