Ashi's Favorites: Brands I'm LUVING

Ashi's Favorites: Brands I'm LUVING


I luv the start to the new year — embracing new experiences and taking the time to discover new brands.

What I luv most about discovering new brands is that they can inspire you with your new goals and plans, or make you re-think what you are already doing.

Here are some brands I'm currently LUVING.

Davines Love Shampoo

I luv, luv the LOVE Shampoo from Davines! It is super hydrating and leaves my hair soft, manageable and without the frizz.

Sonovia Masks

I struggle to find masks that not only fit right, that you can breathe in but also protect me and my family. I'm sure you know the struggle! Sonovia has found that balance perfectly and the technology behind the masks to offer up the most safety without being a KN95. Their infused copper technology makes these masks #1 for me. And to top it off they are washable and make masks for kiddos as well!


Rose Water and Chamomile Blend shampoo and conditioner and Nourishing Coconut body wash by Aveeno is what I use for my kiddos hair and body. My kids are picky when it comes to smells and texture and Aveeno always delivers! It also keeps all 3 of my kids curly hair manageable which is a feat in itself and makes this both mom- and kid-approved. ☺

Parasol Diapers + Wipes

A dear friend of mine turned me onto Parasol diapers and wipes for my littlest and I am hooked! I luv how eco-friendly Parasol is, and also how they fit my slender daughter. On top of it there is no leaking as there are with other brands. I luv Parasol and hope you will too!

No. 6 Clogs

Who doesn’t love a good, chic and most importantly comfortable clog?! I was hesitant to buy No. 6 Clogs at first as they were more money then I typically spend on clogs, but I after much debating decided to try them out. Wow, am I beyond pleased I did!

Not only are these the most comfortable clogs I have ever owned but they are the most stylish and give me the perfect height and support. Whether I am running errands, wearing them casually, or dressing them up for a night out they are the perfect shoe for every occasion. I am already debating another pair. ☺

I hope you enjoy these brands as much as I do!