The Balancing Act

The Balancing Act


Happy New Year!

I hope this start of the year is finding you grateful and hopeful of what 2021 will bring. I have been wanting for some time now to write a blog. But life, kids, the business and all of that and in between always had me finding an excuse to push it off to another day...until now! I’m hoping this blog will bring some fun reading, new thoughts, and questions to the forefront while adding an escape from the day-to-day. Maybe that last one is just for me.

For all of us, last year brought so many challenges and changes. And with these unpredictable and unwanted changes came growth. 

We learned how to cope with, embrace change, and adapt whether we liked it or not. For myself, as a mother of 3 kids under age 8, it has brought about new challenges as a parent that I didn’t know I would ever face. These challenges have not just tested my patience with my kids, but my patience with myself. 

Being a mother and working has always been a balancing act.

Trying to give enough to your kids, relationship, work, and yourself is a constant struggle. A struggle that this year I have found especially challenging. With kids being on Zoom school and after school activities coming to a halt the often reprieve and space that comes naturally with normal day-to-day was stripped away from us in a matter of minutes. And in place of that came a lock down that pushed us all to extremes both with our families and within ourselves. 

The idea of “balancing it all” has always set me up for failure, even before COVID. 

It’s a particular type of failure that comes from feeling inadequate or that I am not achieving it all at the same time. The pursuit of the best at all times has always gotten in my way of happiness. Unfortunately, social media tends to feed into that mindset, with all the picture-perfect images and thoughts of people living their “best lives.” Of course, we all want to see the positive and thrive in the optimism of community and lifting each other up. But what toll does this take on your own personal expectations of yourself? Is the inability to not judge yourself by others’ standards holding you back from embracing the life you have and “balancing” your life how you see fit? 

Being an entrepreneur and a mother takes a certain level of actual unbalance because let’s face it, running a business, being a mom, and creating time for yourself will never feel equal. All three are always pulling you in different directions and demanding your attention. 

So, in this New Year of 2021, I say let’s throw out “balancing it all” and embrace our unbalanced lives for what they are! Naturally, this allows the room to be who we are, embrace the best of ourselves, and show up for us! Here’s to taking responsibility and at the same time realizing that we are human and give ourselves the permission to make mistakes, learn, grow, and try again. 

Luv to all!