Ashi's Favorites: Brands I LUV

Ashi's Favorites: Brands I LUV


Creating a brand is often the soul of the founder or founders who conceptualize and bring it to life. Oftentimes the brand and concept is planned and intended. Other times it is inspired by an experience or lack thereof, a mission to help or bring something better into the world.

My favorite part of being a brand owner is the experience of creating a brand from scratch. I love going to stores and seeing new brands emerging and watching their evolution and mission.

Here are some brands I LUV right now.


I discovered Yellowbird hot sauce at a pop-up grocery store near my neighborhood. I LUV their habanero sauce, it is the perfect combo of hot and flavor that I crave in a hot sauce and I love that they have mini hot sauces (that for a fanatic like me), you can throw in your bag and always have this delicious sauce to go ☺

Rhonda Allison

This skin care brand is definitely one of my go to’s. I especially LUV the Rhonda Allison Drop of Essence serum. It a great moisturizing serum that doesn’t leave you sticky but for skin like mine that airs on the dry side it really soaks into my skin. I use this serum especially in the winter months when I need extra hydration and moisture.


I am obsessed with the Monrow matching sweat pants, joggers and lightweight sweatshirts. I live in these when I am working from home and for running errands. So versatile and flattering. A definite staple in my closet.


Picnik keto coffee creamer is a great addition to your morning coffee. Creamy, delicious and less dairy. The brand also had an additional collagen creamer that I also LUV.


Tessemae's Avocado Ranch dressing is truly delicious. It is organic and dairy-free but taste creamy, like it has dairy in it! I bet you'll never use another salad dressing again.

Let me know if you try any of these brands!