Like Father, Like Son: Brian Mazza's healthy eating habits for his son Leo

Like Father, Like Son: Brian Mazza's healthy eating habits for his son Leo


My son, Leo, will turn two years old in just a few weeks and it’s incredibly important that my wife and I instill healthy eating habits into his daily life from a young age. Leo is constantly on the go, whether it’s going to the library, camp or to the pool and that’s why planning ahead for Leo’s meals is essential because you can’t always count on the fact that you’ll be able to find healthy options when you’re out and about.

That’s why each week I like to map out Leo’s meals, nothing too set in stone but I make sure that my wife and I always have fruit in the house: apples, mandarins, bananas, berries and make sure to incorporate fruit into at least one of his meals each day.

We do our best to not give him any processed sugar, so we stay away from the cookies and snacks that although may taste great or have attention-grabbing packaging is going to have little to no nutritional value. But of course, every now and then we splurge and our son will have a cookies or the occasional doughnut hole but we make a conscious effort in our home to give Leo protein, veggies and natural sugars every day. 

When it comes to what Leo drinks it’s either milk, water or KidsLuv. I stumbled on the brand by chance and ever since my son’s first sip we haven’t looked back. It’s packed with healthy ingredients and it tastes great – I even sneak some in for myself. 

But it’s also important to remember that we as parents we set important nutritional guidelines as adults because our children are always watching.