All you seed is love

All you seed is love

How to foster lifelong lessons and healthy eating?

Create a home garden with your family!

Gardening is a rewarding activity that teaches children several essential life skills.

Besides providing nutritious vegetables and fruits for your meals, gardening offers a variety of health benefits such as exercise, absorbing some Vitamin D from the sunlight, and consuming fresh food. Children can work on their gross motor, body management, and object control skills as they move from one section to the other carrying the garden tools, soil, and water.

Math concepts are learned with the planning and planting as children explore measurement by spacing out plants in a row and counting to determine how many plants can fit in the garden.

Other benefits you can gain from your home garden experience:
  • boosting confidence
  • embracing patience as you wait for everything to grow
  • enriching your commitment to watering
  • and caring for your garden daily

As children learn the growth cycle of the fruits and vegetables, they may be more willing to try new fruits and veggies from their garden and make healthier food choices. Bonus!

These opportunities are available to create lasting bonds that are multi-generational and life-long learning, creating healthy environments, and bringing people together.

Gardening offers stimulation to their senses; imagine children getting the chance to smell the leaves of the tomato plant, dig up their carrots, and eat kale right off the plant. These sensory experiences promote self-regulation and build the children's interests and curiosities.

Working in a garden is an enriching real-world activity as it involves children of all ages and makes them want to explore more.

  • Establish your garden goals and purpose, and let your kids be the growers.
  • Highlight the children's accomplishments and showcase the process while you celebrate the children's gardening efforts.
  • Turn the experience into a creative art activity and create a display board showing how the garden grew.
  • Include the children's discoveries and encourage them to share what they learned in an art display and literary form.
You may inspire your child to write their first book on their gardening experience! Cheers to your backyard garden this summer!