DIY Popsicle Recipes You'll LUV!

DIY Popsicle Recipes You'll LUV!


Skip the ice cream truck, and make your own popsicles this summer!

When there's a heat wave, there's nothing like a refreshing popsicle to keep you cool. So, why not make one exactly how you like it, with flavors you love! Pop them in the freezer and voilà — they're ready!

Here are some of our favorite DIY non-dairy popsicles you can try at home.

For Fruit Luvers

Alright, here's the recipe.

Are you ready?

FRUIT — that's it!

Fill your popsicle molds with a blended mixture of all the fruit you can think of, coconut milk, agave and enjoy after a few hours of freezing. This recipe is simple and absolutely irresistible!

For Fudge Luvers

Who else has an obsession with chocolate, and LUVs a good fudgsicle?

Popsicles are already a popular summer treat, and when you mix it with chocolate it's immediately irresistible!

Try this easy and delicious recipe at home with your little ones (or maybe just all for you).

For KidsLuv'ers

And of course our favorite — make your popsicles with KidsLuv!

We were inspired this season and realized our mango and coconut flavors are so delicious, nutritious, and refreshing!

Fill your popsicle trays with either or both flavors for a "coconutty" "mangonificent" treat this summer that everyone will LUV!