Encourage Your Kiddos to Eat These Foods

Encourage Your Kiddos to Eat These Foods


We must empower our children to eat healthy foods, especially with the latest statistics. Only one child out of five eats enough fruits or vegetables to satisfy the daily recommendation of 2.5 cups.

One-fourth of the vegetables consumed by children are french fries. More than half of the children's fruit intake is juice.

Make eating healthy fun, educational, nutritious, and delicious. 

You have the power to give your child a gift that will last them a lifetime. 

Healthy eating habits are great to start at a young age but do not feel like you've missed an opportunity if your children are older. 

Explore these delicious options

Start the day with quality protein. You can resist the standard American diet full of sugar and nutrient-void food. Instead, blend up a protein smoothie with vegan pea protein, almond or coconut milk, fruit, and vegetables. Want pancakes? Try almond flour and organic fruit. Want something crunchy? Offer carrots and celery with a healthy dip, hummus, or almond cream cheese. Fruit like blueberries and strawberries are so sweet — packed with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, no sugar required. Baked apples with cinnamon hit the spot, and for a special treat, you can add some almond, cashew or coconut to it.

Like raw apples? Thinly slice them and sprinkle cinnamon and shaved almonds on them. Make a trail mix using coconut flakes, cranberries, and nuts; enjoy it dry or with milk. Unsweetened almond or coconut yogurt is sweet already, and if you want to add some color, then add wheatgrass powder to make it green or beet powder to make it pink or red! You don't need a canvas to paint, instead, bring natural color to your food! 

Looking for some chocolate energy balls, then roll some sunflower seed butter into coconut flakes, pecans, and cocoa. Baking vegetables gives them a different flavor and great for snaking anytime throughout the day. You can even bake string beans instead of french fries. A favorite side dish or perfect snack food is baking thinly sliced sweet potatoes, and coating sliced zucchinis with minced onion bits instead of wheat flour and even roast mini sweet peppers.

Offer gluten-free bagels instead of sugary doughnuts. Make homemade pizza with a cauliflower or almond crust, olive oil, thinly sliced tomatoes, broccoli, and basil. Have fun making zucchini pasta together.

Have you tried chickpea pasta added to homemade soup? And yes, you can even bake them once cooked to turn them into a super crunchy snack. Transform your everyday pasta dish by adding broccoli, cauliflower, and tomatoes to your pasta.

You will need a refreshing and replenishing beverage to complement these meals, and KidsLuv is the perfect match!

Here are some action items you can start today:

  • Set a good example by eating healthy with your child.

  • Get your child involved in meal planning and preparation.

  • Turn grocery shopping into a food detective challenge and explore finding healthy foods together. When my kids were younger, I'd go exploring with them in the aisle and have them put together a meal, and then we'd discuss why they choose certain foods and see if it was balanced. We'd read labels together and watch food documentaries as they got older. I wanted to make sure they were involved in the learning, exploring, and ultimately able to make their own decisions as they got older as opposed to telling them what to eat and not eat.

  • When you get children involved at an early age, you are actually encouraging them to become their best health advocate, learning decision-making and hopefully formulating confident, healthy kids.

  • Have your children help you create a weekly food menu and shopping list. Better yet, plant and grow a vegetable garden.

Always keep living a healthy lifestyle, fun, nutritious, and delicious one.

Remember, your health is worth it because you are worth it.

Nancy Guberti is a Functional Medicine Specialist, Nutritionist, and passionate to empower others to become their health advocate. She is the founder of Total Wellness Empowerment Membership & Podcast, Look and Feel Great Method, and Raising Achievers & Givers: Positively Powerful Parent program. Learn more & be empowered at nancyguberti.com.