Eyes Eyes Baby

Eyes Eyes Baby

It is essential to take care of children's eye health.

Children's eyes and eyesight change as they grow.

Children's vision can change quickly, so regular eye exams are essential. Good eyesight is crucial in ensuring a child develops to their full potential both at school and socially.

A healthy balanced diet can protect your child against many health issues, including eye health.

The beneficial foods for eye health are abundant in nutrients like zinc, vitamin C, vitamin E, lutein, and omega-3 fatty acids. Look to include leafy green vegetables, salmon, citrus fruits, berries, and beans into your child's diet, barring any food intolerance. 

Excessive screen time hurts one's vision and eye health.

Gazing at a digital device for too long and from too close can result in blurry vision, headaches, eyestrain, and dry eyes. Limit your child's time in front of a screen, especially at night, and teach them the importance of giving their eyes a break. A simple 20-20-20 shift in eye perspective, like looking at the screen to then looking 20 feet away in front of them for 20 seconds, can help.


Because it takes your eyes 20 seconds to completely relax. It is good to get up and drink water or a healthy beverage to keep hydrated. If your body is hydrated, your eyes will be as well. That's why KidsLuv is a great choice! A single serving of KidsLuv is filled with the following goodness: Vitamins A, B, C, D, E, and more.

Exercise and play help with eye health. Research states that just two hours of outdoor activities daily is ideal for healthy eyes. Remember to protect the eyes from the sun and never look directly into the sun. Make sure always to wear good-quality sunglasses to protect the eyes.

Children's eye safety is something with which we need to be vigilant.

Kids will not take precautions themselves, so we have to do it for them. Most accidents happen at home, and even ordinary household objects like pencils, scissors, paperclips, bungee cords, and wire hangers can be dangerous. Sports and recreational activities can also cause eye injury, so wearing protective eye wear is necessary.

If you notice that your child is squinting, tilting their head, rubbing their eyes, or becoming highly sensitive to light, schedule an eye exam to discuss these issues with your eye doctor. 

Nancy Guberti is a Functional Medicine Specialist, Nutritionist, Author, and passionate about empowering others to become their health advocate. She is the founder of Total Wellness Empowerment Membership & Podcast, Look and Feel Great Method, and Raising Achievers & Givers: Positively
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