Back to School Looking Real Cool

Back to School Looking Real Cool


We know that getting ready to get back into the school routine can feel like such a chore at times, so KidsLuv wanted to make it a little bit easier on you with a few of our favorite back to school finds that your future scholars will LUV.

Madpax Backpacks

It's pack-to-school with the coolest backpacks that are available in various styles. Only three pounds and full of funk-tionality. Shop all the 3D inspired backpacks on Madpax now!

Skip Hop Lunchbox & Containers

Keep your kiddo's lunches insulated and fresh with Skip Hop Lunchboxes and Containers. Their fun matching zipper-pulls are the cutest accessory, and write-on nametag inside make it easy for little ones to remember to bring home.

MELLA Alarm Clock

For those of you with little ones who are going to school for the first time, this is the perfect tool to get them into a sleeping routine. MELLA by Little Hippo is an all-in-one kid's clock and sleep trainer designed especially for parents who miss sleeping in, and never want to be late to school again.

ZIPIT Pencil Cases

Now, these pencil cases are absolutely brilliant! Their zippable smiles are practical for storing pencils, crayons, and markers needed for school. With so many styles to choose from, your kids will undoubtedly find one to match their bright-eyed personality perfectly. Shop all the various pencil cases here!


Last but most definitely not least. Your favorite Straw-free, Zero Sugar drink that moms and dads LUV! While learning is necessary, so is getting in all your Vitamins everyday and that's why KidsLuv drinks are a must have this back to school season. Grab one or two on the way out, so your little ones stay hydrated and nourished and ready for playtime at recess.