How to Get the Vital Nutrients Children Need

How to Get the Vital Nutrients Children Need


Children need a variety of nutrients from each food group and should be eating balanced meals loaded with plenty of vitamins and minerals. 

Childhood years are a critical period for growth and brain development, so specific vitamins and minerals are essential. Taking a closer look at the foods and beverages your kids have regularly is a great start to make sure they are getting the full range of nutrients.

For early brain development, look to the vitamins choline, folic acid, Vitamin B6, and B12. Vitamin B also helps produce red blood cells and assists in metabolic activities. The food sources for Vitamin B are meat, poultry, fish, milk, eggs, whole grains, and enriched food products. Whenever possible, opt for organic produce and grass-fed meats. The food sources of choline are eggs, beans, spinach, and beets.

To support healthy skin, strong teeth, and bones, make sure to include Vitamin D and calcium. Vitamin D assists with mineral absorption, such as calcium. The food sources of Vitamin D are fortified dairy products and fish. Sunlight stimulates Vitamin D as it naturally occurs in the skin, to become active in the body. Make sure not to stay in the sun too long without SPF protection. The food sources of calcium are sardines, yogurt, cheese, and broccoli.

Vitamin A is essential for normal growth, tissue repair, and vision. The food sources of Vitamin A are in yellow and orange vegetables, dairy products, and liver.

Vitamin C helps boost one’s immune system fighting off infection, and also strengthens muscles, tissue, and skin. Food sources of vitamin C are citrus fruits, tomatoes, strawberries, potatoes, spinach, brussels sprouts, and broccoli.

During accelerated growth or growth spurts, iron is essential for kids as it contributes to the building of muscles and the production of blood. The food sources of iron are beef, turkey, fish, beans, and fortified food products.

Interestingly enough, several studies link picky eaters to low intakes of micronutrients.

Have fun offering your children a wide range of foods trying to eat every color of the rainbow to obtain all the essential nutrients for growth!

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Always keep living a healthy lifestyle, fun, nutritious, and delicious one. 

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