Importance of Teaching Your Kids How to Recycle

Importance of Teaching Your Kids How to Recycle


Climate change and the future of the environment can positively be impacted by recycling. An invaluable lesson and life long habit to cultivate in your children are to understand the significance of recycling as well as their role.

Recycling can be both fun and educational!

You can have your children create and color the recycle bins and learn how to categorize the plastic and paper objects in their respective containers. Teach the children that recycling reduces greenhouse gas emissions since it reduces energy. By using recycled materials to make new products, it reduces the need for raw materials and the need for extracting, mining, quarrying, logging, refining, and processing those raw materials. All these actions create substantial air and water pollution.

Recycling does not have to be limited to the kitchen, so explore each room and discover what can be recycled. This experience can help kids get in the habit of thinking about where the recycled items are and even their outgrown items and find a new home once they are done with them. The goal is to find toys, clothing, and other things to be recycled to be donated to another family so the items do not have to end up in landfill but can also be reused.

Regardless of where the plastic comes from, once it enters the ocean, it is a problem.

Did you know that temperature plays the most significant role in breaking down plastic? In cold underwater trenches, the ocean will preserve the plastic indefinitely; when it reaches land, it shatters on rocks across exfoliating sand, breaking into fragments. Then, the warmth of the sun heats these small pieces, making them more brittle until they burst into even smaller chips. At this point, the toxins inside the plastic leach out into the environment. A report from the University of Newcastle in Australia concluded that the average person swallowed a credit-card-sized amount of plastic each week, mainly through drinking water.

Another entertaining way to learn to recycle is to read this fun book with your child titled, I Can Save the Ocean!: The Little Green Monster Cleans Up the Beach.
Children can learn to join the character Max, the Little Green Monster, on his journey to clean and protect the beach. You and your child can find out what it means to be environmentally green. This is a cute book to gain environmental awareness and learn tips on how to become recyclable conscious.

Children will start to appreciate recyclable products, such as KidsLuv, who works with Tetra Pak because of their ongoing commitment to sustainability. KidsLuv Tetra Pak® cartons are made mainly from paper and keep each serving of KidsLuv safe and delicious all without the need for preservatives or refrigeration. Tetra Pak is the world's leading food packaging solutions company with one of the most earth-friendly packages. Time to get some KidsLuv and recycle with the kids!

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