KidsLuv Partners with Ryan Hickman to Celebrate National Recycling Day

KidsLuv Partners with Ryan Hickman to Celebrate National Recycling Day


In Celebration of National Recycling Day, KidsLuv and Ryan Hickman Partner to Inspire Kids and Their Families to Recycle

On November 15th, KidsLuv, the fast-growing zero sugar functional kids’ beverage, and Ryan Hickman, a national icon for recycling awareness, team up to highlight the importance of recycling and saving our planet

(LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, November 15, 2020) – KidsLuv, the Vitamin Enhanced, Zero SUGAR kids’ beverage, is partnering with internationally known recycling expert Ryan Hickman to inspire kids and their families to cultivate a lifetime love of recycling. Given consumers are using single use food and beverage packaging now more than ever, it’s an ideal time to learn how easy it is to make sustainable purchase decisions, and learn how to recycle in any local community. 

The partnership features 11-year-old recycling expert Ryan Hickman, who has become a national icon for recycling awareness and has recycled over one million bottles and cans in an effort to clean up the planet and keep it out of oceans and landfills. Ryan organizes monthly beach clean-up events in his community and he travels globally speaking about recycling and saving our planet. Highlighting KidsLuv’s sustainable Tetra Pak packaging — which is recyclable, resealable and straw-free, Ryan shares that contributions to recycling now can have a big impact on the future of the planet. Sustainability is a key element of the KidsLuv mission, and Tetra Pak delivers a functional, earth-friendly packaging option for the fast-growing kids beverage.

According to the Carton Counsel, it’s critical for Americans to recycle paper products right now, as the recycled paper regenerates the paper supply for essential products like paper towel and toilet paper. Additionally, plastic is the most common type of marine litter worldwide and comprises up to 90% of floating debris. This year alone, KidsLuv’s sustainable, recyclable packaging has prevented 241,280 plastic straws from entering the ocean.

“Ryan’s recycling efforts are an inspiration to all of us,” says Ashi Jelinek, Founder and CEO of KidsLuv. “Sustainability has always been one of the pillars of KidsLuv, and our use of Tetra Pak makes it possible for our fans to have a functional and recyclable option. There’s no compromise, which is important to us, because we believe kids shouldn’t have to compromise their beverages in order to stay healthy.”

"Recycling is so easy for anyone to do,” says Ryan Hickman, Founder of Ryan’s Recycling. “When we all just do a little bit each day, it makes a huge difference."

During November and December, KidsLuv is spreading the LUV through a campaign that celebrates kids spreading goodness throughout the world, entitled “Kids Doing #LUVINGTHINGS.” KidsLuv believes that kids have power to change the world, and always encourages kids to use their voices, speak up, and to pursue their wildest dreams. Through this campaign, the brand is excited to feature kids who are bringing joy and positivity to the world and to their communities. Nominations are being accepted now here.