Q&A With Fit4Mom

Q&A With Fit4Mom

Now more than ever we know how important it is to take care of ourselves as caregivers. It can be so hard to take time to work out, but Fit4Mom makes it easier, and fun! Fit4Mom allows you to work out with your kids! And even better, you work out with friends. Fit4Mom is a great way to find your mom tribe, too. 

We're sharing more about Fit4Mom via our interview with Erika Torres, Owner of the Irvine Fit4Mom location.

Tell us about Fit4Mom. What is it and how did it start? 
Fit4Mom helps moms find their fit. We are a community of mothers joined together by our passion for fitness. It started back in 2001 and we have locations across the country. 

Awesome! Share more! What kind of exercises are involved?
We have fitness programs for every stage of motherhood. From prenatal to postpartum to moms ready to get strong after baby. We use your own body weight, resistance bands, weights, and other fitness equipment. 

I'm not sure if I'm right for Fit4Mom. Who's it for?
Fit4Mom is for every mom that needs a community of support. We are so much more than just fitness. 

Okay, this sounds great! How do I join as a member?
Find us at irvine.fit4mom.com and your first class is always free!

My city doesn't have a Fit4Mom. How could I start one?
You can find your nearest location at fit4mom.com and if you're interested in starting one in your city, check out fit4momfranchise.com 
Thanks for sharing more about Fit4Mom with us, Erika! Erika's information is below if you'd like to reach out for more details.
Erika Torres 
photo credit: @pagesofgray