Top 3 School Lunch Ideas

Top 3 School Lunch Ideas


School lunches can be hard! As I am sure I can speak for lots of moms out there, kids are picky and their ever-evolving palates as well as likes and dislikes can change faster then you are prepared for.

I find keeping things simple is best in my house.

Here are my top 3 go-to, school lunch ideas:

Nut Butter & Jam, with Fruit Salad

I LUV easy lunches and ones that are always crowd pleasers are nut butter and jam sandwiches. I like to switch it up with the nut butters. My go-to is the mixed nut butter from Trader Joe’s, it has a mix of various nuts and my kids luv it.

If your kids have allergies thankfully there are many options for plant-based butters that you can use as a substitute. For the fruit salad I usually what I have available and use a little bit of KidsLuv to sweeten it without all the sugar. ☺

Veggies, Chips & Dip

Kids LUV dips! Giving them a dip typically helps get more veggies into them. Often I use avocado hummus, ranch dip, or even sometimes bean dips. Then I put some cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, and carrots on the side. I also include some organic corn chips, pretzels, or veggie chips as another option for the dip.

Breakfast for Lunch

My kids LUV the idea of breakfast for lunch! We don’t do it for dinner in my house so the kids luv it when I do it for lunch. I'll make a quick batch of hard-boiled eggs with fruit. My kids also luv when we have waffles with syrup or buckwheat pancakes with berries on the side.

Another option is toast with Nutella and bananas. Another take on breakfast for lunch which of course is the kids favorite! ☺

I hope these ideas help give you some inspiration for easy kid lunches!