Self-Care Techniques for Children

Self-Care Techniques for Children


Updated post 10/25/2021

With everything that’s going on in the world today we are pulling out all the tools when it comes to reducing stress and helping to calm our nerves. But what about our kids?

How can we teach our kids to use their breath to calm their emotions? How can we help our children understand what they’re feeling?

“Okay, take a deep breath. Calm down.” Has that ever worked? It’s not super effective, right? So what can you do?

Use tools such as mindfulness, yoga and meditation.

The best part about it? Kids are never too young to start!


Talk to your kids in very basic terms about mindfulness. Helping them to be in tune with their feelings from a young age will help them throughout childhood and into adulthood. 

Explain their feelings back to them so they realize what they are experiencing. Encourage them to take a deep breath when they’re upset or over-excited. 

Talk about gratitude with your child. Share what you’re thankful for and encourage your children to do so, too. You could try this in the morning, at dinner, or before bedtime. You could even have them keep a gratitude jar where you add something each day and fill it up. It's a way for kids to visually see how many things they have in their lives.


Get the wiggles out! Little ones love yoga. Even basic stretching poses can be considered yoga at a young age. Cosmic Yoga is one of our faves. You could also check out your local library for a kids’ yoga book to read and talk about the poses together. 

You may be surprised when your kids will start doing yoga poses all on their own. Teaching your kiddos yoga poses that help them stretch and learn about their bodies while reading fun stories about animals, singing songs, etc. is therapeutic for both you and them!


Meditation is beneficial for both you and your child. There are many free websites and apps available to help walk you through short 3-5 minute meditation sessions with your child. 

Headspace has an entire section just for kids. We especially love doing these before bed and during the day when we need a little reset. 

Children have big emotions.

We need to help our kids understand that they’re feeling. Their basic needs of being safe and cared for are vital especially now during a time of such uncertainty. Using mindfulness, yoga and meditation are some of the simplest ways you can help your kids’ mental health. We’re empowering our kids to take control of their emotions.

What strategies are you using to encourage the mental well-being of your kids?