Ways to Encourage Your Kids to Be Active

Ways to Encourage Your Kids to Be Active


These days it is harder than ever to keep your kids active, stimulated and not reaching for an electronic device! I know you parents feel me.

When COVID hit I found myself running out of ideas to keep them entertained.
Inevitably I used technology to make the time pass (for better or worse).

But what I found was that at a certain point even my kids didn’t want the technology anymore. If you can believe that! We all long for fresh air, open space and a place to be able to run around, release our energy, and let loose.

Thankfully with COVID rules changing and things opening up more and more we are back to hustle and bustle and regular activities to keep the kids active and entertained.

But ways when the inevitable, “I’m bored!” kicks in I like to remind them to get out and explore. Whether its going to the beach, exploring our own neighborhood, or playing tag or handball I do my best to encourage them to get out of the house and run around.

Sometimes it does take pushing them and reminding them that they have been indoors too long and that it will be getting dark soon. Usually a little push goes a long way. And often I will look out the window and see them enthralled with nature catching rolly polly’s and playing tag.

More often than not, they're begging me to stay out and not come back in for the night.

Cheers to adventures!