Top Tips to Teach Your Kids How to Eat Healthy 

Top Tips to Teach Your Kids How to Eat Healthy 


Growing up I was always surrounded by good food choices (thank you, Mom!). 

It never crossed my mind as an adult what this would mean once I had my own children. I was fortunate enough to be raised by a mother who understood that food in its essence and core was medicine for our bodies and the fuel we need to sustain ourselves. 

From a young age I learned that putting healthy food and drinks into our bodies was going to create better moods, energy, and life long health. 

And by the time I had my own kids I took my mom’s philosophy on eating and made sure my family lived by this as well. Now, I recognize that I am fortunate enough to have three kids that pretty much eat everything and have no allergies (so far). 

But I am always working to instill healthy eating habits in my kids. More importantly I work to encourage my kids to make healthy, good choices when it is up to them! 

And let’s be real, as a family sometimes we succeed in choosing the right foods and sometimes we don’t. 

Here are a few tips on what we do as a family to encourage healthy eating: 

  • Offer healthy and unique snack options (ie.) veggie sticks and hummus, fruit salad, or granola with yogurt and honey

  • I cook one dinner for everyone (we do not make “kids' dinners"). So they learn that we all eat the same thing and creates a good eating habit from Day One.
  • Limit dessert nights. This can be hard if you have a house like mine of kiddos that love sweets. But we limit this by doing two days a week for dessert and weekends. Other nights if they want something sweet its fruit or dried fruits and that’s it. 

  • Make sure they finish meals before they go to snacking. Often times kids can tend to want to snack all day (you know how it is!). And although we can make healthier snack choices it still isn’t the same a healthy nutritious meal. I make sure my kids eat most of their breakfast, lunch, and dinner before they are allowed to grab a snack. 

  • During mealtime or snack time, explain why what they are eating is healthy and why it’s important. Often times kids need to hear the reasons why you are doing what you are doing it helps them connect the dots for themselves in their own food choices. 

Our hope is when they are on their own they make good decisions for themselves.

I hope these tips and ideas help you and your family eat healthy, choose wisely, and most importantly LUV the food you're eating!


Founder and CEO KidsLuv