Ways to Teach your Kids about Healthy Foods

Ways to Teach your Kids about Healthy Foods


Teaching our kids about healthy foods and healthy choices is so important! Learning about healthy food choices starts young and and stays with them into their adult life.

We want our children to learn how to make healthy choices for themselves throughout their lifetime.

Here are a few ways I have taught my kids how to make healthy choices and choose healthy foods. 

Kids help at the grocery store.

When we are at the store I empower my kids to make their own decisions on what we buy. They bring me items they want and then we look at what the product is and what’s in it. This teaches them to look at labels and to learn about what they are putting into their bodies. It also gives them the ability to have freedom in their decisions and then hopefully influence them into the healthy choice.

Involve kids in the kitchen.

Both of my parents are amazing cooks, yet I didn't learn how to cook until I was an adult! I love cooking and really enjoying watching others enjoy the food. When the kids are up for it, I love to include them in meal prep and helping in the kitchen while I cook. I try to give them small tasks that they can not only handle but enjoy and then take pride in the final result as well.

Spending time in the kitchen together teaches kids about healthy food choices and how to make healthy foods that taste delicious.

Start with small healthy habits. These plant the roots of health while they are young so as they get older they are making great decisions on their own.

Cheers to health!