What Does Certified Vegan Mean?

What Does Certified Vegan Mean?


There are many types of food lifestyle buzz words flying around these days. Vegetarian, Vegan, Raw Vegan, Flexitarian...and so many more!

Let's talk about the term Vegan in particular. What does it mean? And, what does it mean to be Certified Vegan?

And, did you know KidsLuv drinks ARE Certified Vegan!? Yep, we sure are!

Let's dive a little deeper.

What does it mean to be Vegan?

Being a vegan, one would avoid:

  • meat
  • dairy products
  • eggs
  • honey
  • any foods that contain any by-products of animal agriculture, such as animal fat, whey, or gelatin. Eating vegetarian merely reduces farm animal slaughter and exploitation.

According to vegan.org, any products approved to carry the official Certified Vegan logo must not contain any of the following ingredients:

  • meat
  • fowl
  • fish
  • animal by-products (including silk or dyes from insects)
  • eggs or egg products
  • milk or milk products
  • cheese
  • butter
  • honey or honey bee products
  • or be clarified or finished with any animal products.

If you are eating vegan, you sure do not want to consume or drink anything with animal by-products. Make sure to check if there are any non-vegan ingredients as some gummies, vitamins, beverages, yogurts, for instance, may contain animal by-products. Some ingredients may be tricky to find as additives or fillers in processed foods.

Common names to look for in products from animal by-products are honey, beeswax, gelatin, l-cysteine in bread products, casein, confectioner's glaze, and whey. Also, inquire what the dyes and sweeteners are derived from.

You may ask yourself, why does it matter?

Consuming a vegan eating regime helps prevent a tremendous amount of animal slaughter and helps with climate change. A vegan diet may help reduce the risk of various chronic diseases and offers an array of nutrients, vitamins, and macro-nutrients.

What about Vegan supplements?

Enjoying a KidsLuv beverage with your vegan meal is a great compliment as a single serving of KidsLuv is filled with the following goodness: Vitamins A, B, C, D, E, and more! And more importantly, our Vitamins are VEGAN!

If you're concerned your child isn't getting the vitamins and minerals they need in their daily diet, consider supplementing with KidsLuv drinks!


Always discuss with your health care provider before starting any new food or supplement regimen.

Nancy Guberti is a Functional Medicine Specialist, Nutritionist, and passionate to empower others to become their health advocate. She is the founder of Total Wellness Empowerment Membership & Podcast, Look and Feel Great Method, and Raising Achievers & Givers: Positively Powerful Parent program. Learn more & be empowered at nancyguberti.com.