WITCH Candy is Dentist Approved on Halloween!?

WITCH Candy is Dentist Approved on Halloween!?


We asked Board certified Pediatric Dentist, and mom of 4, Dr. Alene D’Alesio, to give us some insight from a dental perspective on Halloween. Here's what she had to say!

Halloween is all about the kids having a great time and seeing who can get the most candy running house to house. Things may look a little different this year, but there is no doubt there will still be plenty of Halloween candy around.  

I am not the dentist that gives out toothbrushes to anyone that knocks on our door, I definitely give out candy (and plenty of it)! But, there are many options to have healthy and happy smiles this Halloween, so here are my Top 10 Trick-or-Treat Suggestions!

1. “Anything sticky is icky!” Stay away from the sticky stuff like taffy, Starburst, lollipops, etc. These candies can stick in the grooves of your teeth and the sugar bugs will love you for it!

2. The best treat to give your kids is chocolate candy. Choose chocolate candies since they will melt in your mouth and be less likely to stick in the grooves of your teeth.

3. WATER! Take water along when trick or treating. Kids get dehydrated when running house to house and they will welcome the water and this will help wash away the candy that they may have snuck in between stops!

4. Make sure before going out trick or treating that your child eats dinner, even something quick. This way they aren’t starving when they come home and fill up on candy and then get a belly ache!

5. When having a candy snack, try to have the candy (preferably chocolate) as a dessert right after a meal. Your saliva will help protect your teeth and not have to work too hard with multiple snacks throughout the day.

6. Trade the candy for gum! If your child is old enough and able to chew gum safely, sugar free gum is a great way to help stimulate saliva, which can then continue to protect the teeth!

7. If you want to get rid of the candy altogether, you could have your kids donate the extra candy to an organization such as Operation Gratitude or see if your dentist has a buy back program. You could even buy the candy from your child (a few dollars to them will save you lots of money at the dental office!) 

8. Moderation is key. Let the kids have the candy, but not so much that their stomach hurts!

9. Really try not to skip out on the brushing on Halloween. Everyone will be tired from all the festivities, but brushing and flossing all that candy out of the teeth will be especially important Halloween night!

10. Looking for an option other than candy? Consider KidsLuv drinks (we especially love these in our house!), trail mix, granola bars, pretzels, goldfish, pencils, glow sticks, bubbles, etc.

Keep those smiles looking BOO-tiful!

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