Ashi's Advice for Working Moms

Ashi's Advice for Working Moms

As the old saying goes being a parent is the hardest job in the world. But personally, I think being a working mom is on another level of complexity. Both parenting and working each offer rewards, yet splitting your time can prove to be complex.

For me being both a parent and entrepreneur require me to bring very similar skills to the table.

Patience, empathy and understanding are key parenting skills. And all these skills apply to business, too. Being an entrepreneur, starting a business from the ground up it is important to know how to talk to people and relate to others.

Being a true "people person" has helped me work through business problems, understand others, and collaborate effectively. And being a parent it’s the same way sometimes (well most of the time) you need to adjust to the level of your kids, both emotionally and mentally.

Here are some tips that I use and help me get through the work days:

1. Set time limits on projects.

I find that I can get carried away in a project or something I need to do, and oftentimes it can kill the productivity of my day. I've learned to set time limits on things and this really helps stay focused for the day.

2. Calendar, calendar, calendar!

I would be lost without it! When you work and have a family you need to be super organized.

3. Stay in the moment.

Whether it is good times or bad times, work time, or family time. I find that staying in the moment helps you appreciate when things are good and when things are not and this process is all about it both. As many have said it is the journey you are on not the destination.

There's a constant rolling list of things to do. And as much as it pains me to say it, the to do list will never end. And the minute I think I have it under control I usually don’t! But that is clearly part of being a working mom. I have now learned to accept the rolling to do list and instead of resenting it. 

4. Know when to have personal time.

This one is a BIG one and one that I am not the best at following. But learning to know when to stop working and have some down time, with yourself, with your kids and loved ones is so important. In order to bring more to your work it is important to know when to recharge. You deserve it!

How do you manage all the things? I'd love to hear!