Q: What is KidsLuv?

KidsLuv is the first Zero Sugar, Vitamin, Mineral & Hydrating beverage designed to give kids a healthy dose of the things their bodies need, without harmful sugars. KidsLuv is non-GMO; Vegan; Kosher, and Gluten free. We believe in giving kids the real nutrition and luv they deserve!

Q: What are the main ingredients in KidsLuv?

At KidsLuv, we like to keep it clean and simple and that means starting with the earth’s greatest resource, water. Water is the number one ingredient in KidsLuv, followed by Coconut water, Calcium lactate (that’s part of our electrolyte source), Organic flavors and Vegan Vitamins and Minerals.

Q: Can I drink KidsLuv everyday?

Yes of course, we highly recommend it. In a single serving, KidsLuv delivers 9 essential Vitamins and Minerals, as well as hydration without the added cost of sugar. Not only will it leave your kids wanting more but you’ll feel guilt-free giving it to them. Isn’t that refreshing?

Q: What sizes does KidsLuv come in? How many ounces?

KidsLuv is served in a 8 fl oz Tetra Pak carton, and can be purchased in 4-packs, and 16-packs in the flavor of your choice. We are also excited to offer a special mixed flavor 8-pack which includes four Starstruck Coconut and four Flying Fla-Mango. By using Tetra Pak cartons, we are delivering a great product that kids luv, in recyclable straw-free packaging, while keeping the wellbeing of the planet in mind. That’s a win-win for everyone: kids, parents and the environment!

Q: Is KidsLuv packaging recyclable?

Good question! We decided early on to work with Tetra Pak due to their ongoing commitment to sustainability. Our Tetra Pak® cartons are made mainly from paper and keep each serving of KidsLuv safe and delicious – all without the need for preservatives or refrigeration. Even better, Tetra Pak is the world's leading food processing and packaging solutions company working closely with brands like KidsLuv to provide safe food in one of the most earth-friendly packages available. 

Q: Does it need to be refrigerated after opening?

Yes, let’s chill. KidsLuv can be stored on your shelf while factory sealed. Once opened, please refrigerate and drink within 7 days. However for that extra refreshing sensation we like to refrigerate ours before serving!

Q: How old does my child have to be to drink KidsLuv?

We recommend this product for any child over the age of one. For the younger kids, the time will come soon enough!

Q: Why are all the drinks orange in color?

Good question! To deliver the Vitamin goodness in each flavor of KidsLuv, we use Beta Carotene in our products. Beta Carotene is an Organic, strongly colored red-orange pigment abundant in plants and fruits. It's this pigment that is the source of the orange coloring of KidsLuv. 

Q: What does KidsLuv taste like?

Subtle in taste, KidsLuv is a blend of water, coconut water, essential Vitamins and Minerals, and Organic fruits for our flavors.

Q: Is KidsLuv considered a juice?

Not quite. Here’s the numbers: we are your ZERO SUGAR, Vitamins, natural electrolyte beverage, and have just enough Organic fruit (5%) to make your kids keep wanting more.

Q: What sweeteners are used instead of sugar in KidsLuv?

KidsLuv has ZERO SUGARS - but that doesn’t mean we’re not sweet! Each of our delicious flavors is sweetened with Steviol glycosides, a sweetener extracted from the Stevia plant. Because Stevia is sweeter than sugar (200-300 times, to be exact), it means that we don’t need to use as much of it to create a slightly sweetened taste that your kids will luv. Even better, Stevia is calorie free, skips the negative effects on blood sugar or insulin levels, and isn’t a cavity causing culprit at the dentist. Sounds pretty sweet to us!

Q: Is KidsLuv a good alternative to my children’s daily gummy Vitamins?

Move over daily gummy Vitamins, KidsLuv is here. With dentists drawing links between candy vitamins and tooth decay and cavities, it’s time for a better option. Our liquid Vitamins are absorbed directly into the bloodstream and skip the harmful sugary effects of your gummy or chewable Vitamins. In a single 8oz serving of KidsLuv, your little one will get Vitamin D (50%), Calcium (8%), Potassium (25mg), Vitamin A (80%), Vitamin C (70%), Vitamin E (90%), Riboflavin (15%), Niacin (100%), Vitamin B6 (100%), Folate (50%), Vitamin B12 (100%), Sodium (95mg). (Note: The Percentage Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet and for children ages 4 years or older.)

Q: How many servings of daily Vitamins are in one box?

One serving of KidsLuv packs 9 essential Vitamins and Minerals into a single 8oz carton. Each serving delivers: Vitamin D (50%), Calcium (95mg), Potassium (25mg), Vitamin A (80%), Vitamin C (70%), Vitamin E (90%), Riboflavin (15%), Niacin (100%), Vitamin B6 (100%), Folate (50%), Vitamin B12 (100%), Sodium (95mg). Note: Percentage Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet).

Q: Zero grams of sugar? How is that possible?

We created KidsLuv with low sugar content in mind. By mixing good ol’ H2O with just a splash of Organic coconut water and sweetening it with Stevia, we are able to deliver a 100% Zero Sugar drink for your family. But what is Stevia you ask? Well, Stevia or Steviol glycosides, is a sweetener extracted from the Stevia plant. This natural alternative is sweeter than sugar (200-300 times, to be exact) - which means that we don’t need to use as much of it to create a slightly sweetened taste that your kids will luv.

Q: How many servings of fruit are in KidsLuv?

One serving contains less than 1/10th of a serving of fruit. We always recommend enjoying KidsLuv in addition to your usual healthy balanced diet. Think of us as the cherry on top to your healthy diet.

Q: How much Green Tea is in KidsLuv?

Rest assured, Green Tea was only added for the antioxidants. We like delivering nutritional goodness for your little ones and know they do not need the added energy. There is less than 1mg of Green Tea and it does not cause caffeination. 

Q: Is KidsLuv manufactured in a nut-free facility?

Our manufacturing facility handles coconut which is considered a tree nut. However, this is the only nut used in the facility.